Start your blog today

So are you ready to create a blog if you are committed then everything becomes easy. Here you have to do work persistently that is the only thing I want from you. If you need any help at any point of time I am there to help you. Believe me it is very easy but you have to work few weeks without giving up.


Because when you are creating your site the starting few months are very hard and if you really not love the topic you have chosen then it is worse and you will surely leave your site within few weeks or months with dissatisfaction.

Is it really that tough?

Not really. If you start your site with the topic you love. You have to passionate about your writing or creation. That is the first step to your success so choose wisely and take time don’t choose any topic because it is so popular just choose the field that you love from your heart.

Whatever topic you choose whatever method you apply but in last you have to sit and write your article and persistently at least two hours a day and create at least three – four article or content per week. Yes I know it needs lots of hard work. But if you want to become successful blogger then you have to do this there is no option.

But don’t worry if do as I say then in just few months you will able to create a small group that love your article and appreciate your work genuinely. Believe me genuinely and then your journey becomes easier than before.

Now I am assuming that you have chosen the topic that you love then I am telling you rest of the things in steps.

  1. Search your topic in Google
  2. Get right keyword
  3. Choose your domain name which contains keyword within
  4. Purchase domain and hosting
  5. Choose the software for blogging
  6. Install software on domain
  7. Install your favorite theme
  8. Create some necessary settings
  9. Start writing or creating your content.
  10. Promote your content

Step 1 –  Suppose you want to write article on health and fitness then type this in Google and see he result.


See the no of result appears 47,90,00,000  it means that if you are starter then these number of competitor are waiting for you. Scary not really it just means that you have to choose more deep and narrow your search like “Health and fitness tip for diabetic patient or  Health and fitness tips for youths or Yoga for youths or Yoga and food for your life”. Search each word and write the number of searches whichever is small and matches with your interest must be your target. Write that in separate place. This is your target field for your blog or site.

Step 2 –  What is keyword?

If you are writing article then it is most important thing to know what keyword is. Basically when anybody want to search anything on google or bing or any search engine then the word or sentence that he or she type is the actual keyword.  There are lots of tools that shows your keywords like google’s keyword planner,keyword spy and many more.

Here i am just giving you idea how google works.

How google search works

How google search works

So if you are writing what user want to search ( means keywords ) then your search gets more visitors and response.

So if you are writing article that user want is sufficient to become a successful writer?



Because there is not only you who is writing article and want to become a successful blogger or writer.  So how to win the competition. Suppose if you want to write on Health or healthy life just search in google there are almost billions of articles already there on different sites and thousands of article publishing every day. What I mean to say that exact keyword or small keyword is already occupied means there is very tough competition so why choose hard way just add few words that is long tail keyword and this is more profitable for you and promote you content on social networking sites.

Now i assume you understand what to write and how to write then we may move to next step.

Step 3 -How to choose your domain name?

  • Try to put domain name related to your field of interest.
  • Try to put domain name small
  • Try to put domain name easy to pronounce and remember
  • Try to put your keyword in your domain name

Step 4 – Purchase domain and hosting

Now type few names in excel then search them one by one in if they are available or not. After getting available domain name go to or any domain registering website and purchase domain name and hosting both.

Step 5 – Choose the software for blogging

Choosing software for blogging – Choose wordpress that is number one software for blogging and it is free so no need to worry and just choose wordpress.

Step 6 – Install software on domain

How to install wordpress on your domain don’t worry there must be one button in your cpanel for installing wordpress just click that button once and all it takes. If there is no button to install wordpress we will help you to install wordpress on your domain and that is also free of cost.

If you want to install wordpress on your domain and don’t want our help just in few days we will show all the steps in picture to install wordpress on your domain.

Step 7 – Install your favorite theme

Now second step installing new theme on your blog. There is two option available here either use free themes available on wordpress or purchase theme from themeforest or any theme providing site.

Step 8 – Create some necessary settings

Creating necessary setting on your blog like – adding your logo if you have any, adjusting sidebar and menu of your site and footer of your site. Because you don’t need catchy site, large banners or large slider try to avoid them because these thing always slow down your site. That is always bad for your site. Always keep in mind that user just scan your site before reading anything so please set all the in very like professional way.

Step 9 – Start writing or creating your content

How to write your first post – Your first post must be introductory about you and your topic and your connection with your topic and if you have experience in that field then also mention that in just one para not very big details. Use just friendly tone when writing your post and use authoritative language. Use keywords in headline and divide your whole articles in sub headings that is good thing to show your reader previously that what you are talking about.

Step 10 – Promote your content
Promoting your content on social media – I am talking about facebook you can apply these things on every social media site where you want to promote your site. Create separate account for your site promotion only don’t use your personal account for that purpose. Connect yourself with large group or person with more friends related to your site and then do few post about motivational quotes and great news and then post about your post with image. You have to promote your site at least two social media site and at least 3 – 4 forum sites and at least post 10 comments on others site. Do these things daily.

All set then don’t expect any miracle do these things repeatedly for each post daily or at least 3-4 article per week then you will get traffic after few months.